A collaboration with some farmers to follow the entire chain of Native Sicilian cultivars has allowed us to create a direct chain to follow every step from the production and processing of the Giarraffa Olive and Nocellara del Belice

Salviani S.r.l. with 100 years of history it has always been attentive to the enhancement of typical Italian products, always engaging in the selection of the best Italian cultivars to offer to its customers, relying exclusively on Qualified Suppliers.

All this, however, was not enough for us.

We have therefore undertaken a close collaboration with some farmers to follow the entire chain of native Sicilian cultivars, rediscovering forgotten and little commercialized varieties.

A direct supply chain has allowed us to follow every step of the production and processing of the Giarraffa olive (Gioconda for the locals), an ancient native cultivar, characterized by the particular engraving process, the size of the fruit and the characteristic flavor, as well as the well-known Nocellara del Belice variety.

The owner of the farm
and the Sales Director of Salviani srl

Having said that, we went directly to the field several times to closely follow the harvesting and processing campaign, scrupulously respecting the formalized procedures to bring safe fruit with excellent organoleptic characteristics to consumers’ tables.

With an important economic investment we have collaborated in the creation of automatic irrigation systems to compensate for any periods of drought, especially in the periods of inflorescence and rooting of the drupe, so as to constantly hydrate the single plant allowing a constant and optimal ripening of the fruit; efforts that we are sure will allow us to gain productivity and quality over time.

The minimum use of chemical products, to the advantage of operations in the field of manual weeding, always attentive to the protection of the rights of workers, lay the foundations for a qualification of the fields and products collected on them for a future conversion to the Organic Standard; nevertheless, a manual harvest with the synergy of machines that respect the fruit and the plant will allow us an optimal browsing with very high standards of the processed drupes.

We have given the cue for a process that differs from traditional processes, such as pitting or natural oxidation that gives the drupe a characteristic “pink” color.

We are sure that all our efforts will be rewarded by the market and by consumers who will be able to appreciate the leap in quality of the products offered already from the 2020 harvest.